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Wool Tree Mill

Wool Tree Plus

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     "A ball of yarn can be naughty. It will jump to the floor and play with the cat or tangle up everything in your yarn basket or tie itself in knots. The wool tree gently tames all that. The whole thing works beautifully while adding hardwood beauty to your studio space. These are available in Maple or Walnut. Once you start using a Wool Tree, it will become a regular part of your art."
     These locally made Wool Trees are like a lazy susan for your yarn ball. The spindle is well balanced and rotates smoothly to gently unwind the yarn while you knit. Our Wool Trees come with a yarn guide to keep the unwinding yarn in place and more smoothly tensioned.
     Wool Tree Mill artisans make American hardwood wool trees, lucets, and drop spindles for knitting, crocheting, and spinning. Local woodworker Dennis Burges started working with us several years ago to develop his Wool Trees and drop spindles, and now Wool Tree Mill products can be found all over the country! All Wool Tree Mill products are 100% made in the USA.

Check out this wonderful video Wool Tree Mill filmed in our old location in early 2014.

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