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Introducing: Vicuña, the gold of the Andes. 

Limited edition hardwood boxes enclose this precious treasure. Inside, you will find a booklet of information, a Certificate of Originality, a cowl pattern, and 2 skeins of the silky soft and naturally golden-brown Vicuña. 

Incas considered it to be the ultimate gift from the gods, and for the first time by Amano- the "most luxurious fiber in the world" is now available for hand knitting. Sorted and dehaired by Andean communities, the Vicuña yarn is only available in its natural color. 

The Vicuña is an elegant and graceful animal, seemingly delicate but incredibly agile. Once hunted indiscriminately for its gorgeous coat, the population dwindled from over 2 million to just 5,000 by 1963. Their extinction seemed imminent. With the diligence and protection from surrounding communities, private companies, and the Peruvian Government, the Vicuña population has been growing steadily and is now at over 200,000.

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