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In the same way some yarns experiment with shifting colors, Venice utilizes texture! As you knit along, the skein will shift in and out of different novelty textures and an assortment of different fiber types. This yarn is Hand-Tied, meaning each change within the yarn was individually added in by knotting separate strands together. While this does create many knots within each skein- you simply knit through them and leave them as added texture in your final project. Of, if you'd rather, you can carefully cut the knots out and weave in each yarn end.

Note: Every skein and every colorway is unique! The textures you see in one colorway's skein may not be the same as another.

Length & Weight: 253 yards, 100 grams.
Gauge: 5 stitches per inch on US size 10 needles.
Fiber Content: 42% Wool, 35% Nylon, 11% Silk, 8% Cashmere, 5% Kid Mohair

This yarn comes as a twisted hank. If you would like us to wind it into a ball prior to shipping, write a note in the special instructions box before hitting 'checkout'. No refunds or exchanges may be accepted after the yarn is wound.

Patterns Using Venice


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