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Designed by Laura, the Shimmer shawl requires just one skein of Sparky and one skein of Silk Purse. This shawl has a basic triangular shape, with a lovely lattice stitch pattern along the bottom edge. The Silk Purse and the Sparky pair together beautifully, each bringing their own unique silk qualities that gives this shawl its style. This free knitting pattern was designed specifically for these Alchemy Yarns, and we cannot guarantee the success of this pattern with substitute yarns.
Errata has been fixed in the PDF.
Errata Row 3: **The M1L was left out after K1TBL**
Row 3: K1, YO, Knit to the marker, M1R, SM, K1TBL, M1L, SM, knit to the last stitch, YO, K1

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