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This is your opportunity to immerse yourself in high-end, small batch, handcrafted yarn without ever leaving your home.


   Our community is why we're here. In turn for providing a unique gathering place for fiber artists, we've been blessed with some of the most special and talented friends from shepherds and spinners, to dyers and weavers, and all of the knitters and artists who just love and appreciate luxurious yarns. The growth of our online community is beyond exciting, and the challenge of catering to our new long-distance friends is what gave birth to this exciting idea.

YarnLuxe is a subscription service that will deliver a fresh project to your doorstep every two months for an entire year.

    For the first subscription year of YarnLuxe, we will be focusing on bringing Humboldt County to you. Each of the six shipments you receive will be showcasing a locally produced yarn. Supporting our local makers is very important to us, and we want to serve as the direct link between you and their hard work. As you already know, the quality of something that is inspired and lovingly handmade is incomparable to anything else. The individuals making the yarns pour their hearts into their product. This is not only your chance to help support them too, but you'll get to dive into the high-quality and small-batch yarns they create. From the sustainable and natural hand dyed colors, organic and eco-conscious processes, to unique breeds of wool- YarnLuxe will be delivering treats that you will never find anywhere else. 



The first subscription year from June 2016 to June 2017 will be limited to 25 people.

     The YarnLuxe subscription does not include needles or notions, however, there are two optional add-ons for you to select when you register:

The first option is a Tool Kit, which will be a drawstring project bag with needle point protectors, a tape measure, a buffalo bone repair hook, ring and locking stitch markers, a gauge checker, tapestry needles, and a Knitter's Hands lotion bar. The Tool Kit option will add $58 to your total.

The second option is a Symfonie Interchangeable Deluxe Knitting Needle Set. The set includes a zippered pouch with needle tips for US sizes 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, and 11. It also includes 24", 32", and 40" cords with keys and end caps. This Needle Set option will add $73.95 to your total, which is a 15% markdown from the regular price!

The Details

    •      Each shipment will provide you with a pattern, the yarn to complete it, a mini skein to make a gauge swatch, muslin for checking the project's finished dimensions, a portion of Eucalan wool wash, video links for technique tutorials, and more!
    •      Upon registering, you will be asked to select your size and your preferred color palette: warm colors, cool colors, neutral colors, or you can select Surprise Me!

    • Each project will be a stylish and wearable garment or accessory using locally produced, high end, small batch, hand crafted yarns. The weights of the yarns for each project will range from Sport to Bulky.
    • A 1 year subscription to YarnLuxe, without the optional Tool Kit or Needle Set, is $499. Each of the 6 projects have an average value of $65-$90. If you do not want to pay in full at once, you can set up a customized payment plan by clicking on Purchase with Partial.ly!
    •     The first subscription year will begin June 2016, and will end in June 2017. 

    •      There is a maximum limit of 25 subscribers. Register now before it's too late.

YarnLuxe 2016 has already begun.

We are currently accepting late sign-ups!

The photographs of the sheep are courtesy of Ferndale Farms

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