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YarnLuxe 2018: Knitting the West Coast!

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We've been brewing up something special, and it has been a serious challenge to keep it quiet! Finally, we're ready to announce:

YarnLuxe will be returning with a 2018 edition! 

     YarnLuxe is our yarn subscription service that delivers a fresh project to your doorstep every other month for an entire year. Each of the six boxes you receive will provide you with a pattern, the yarn to complete it, a portion of Eucalan wool wash, links to video tutorials for any out-of-the-ordinary techniques, and more! It does not include needles or notions, but there will be a small surprise for you inside each package.

There is a limit of 100 subscribers, but the first 25 to sign up will receive a bonus gift!

     We originally created YarnLuxe as a way to support our fellow locally owned fiber businesses. Our priority was to serve as the direct link between them and you. As a knitter, you’re aware that the quality of something that is inspired and handmade with love is simply incomparable to anything else! These individuals we are working with for YarnLuxe pour their souls into their products, and not just because it's their passion, but because it's their livelihood. Ultimately- YarnLuxe is your opportunity to directly support these artisans, plus, you'll get to dive into the beautiful yarns they produce.

     For YarnLuxe 2018, we're expanding the boundaries a bit! The many yarns we will be featuring will still include some fibers that were raised here in Humboldt County, but we will also be including some gorgeous wool from Imperial Stock Ranch, and luxurious alpaca from Sky Ridge in northwest Oregon. Think of it as YarnLuxe 2018: Knitting the West Coast!

     All of the patterns featured in YarnLuxe 2018 will be knitted accessories (sorry crocheters!) such as shawls, hats, and cowls. A few examples of previous YarnLuxe patterns we published are the Foggy Bottoms Cowl, the Petrolia Tides Shawlette, and the embroidered Ferndale Wildflowers Hat and Mitts. All YarnLuxe projects will be made with 100% natural fiber!

     Exclusivity is part of what makes YarnLuxe extra exciting. We love to feature yarns and patterns that you won't ever find anywhere else! It's true you may be able to find Imperial Yarns in your local yarn shop, however we're thrilled to say that Imperial has mixed up some custom colorways just for YarnLuxe Subscribers. So even if the yarn itself isn't exclusive, the colorway will be! 

     Speaking of colors- when you sign up for YarnLuxe you'll be asked to choose a color preference. Select from Warm Colors (reds, oranges, yellows), Cool Colors (blues, greens, purples), Neutral Colors (white, black, brown), or if you're feeling adventurous you can choose Surprise Me! While packing each shipment, we will hand select a colorway that best fits your choice.

     The one year subscription to YarnLuxe is $499, and if you do not want to pay in full at one time you can set up a custom payment plan! Just add YarnLuxe to your shopping cart and click on the "Purchase with Partial.ly" button just below "Checkout" when viewing your shopping cart.


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All credit for the sheep and wool photos goes to the @imperialyarn and @foggybottomsboys instagram accounts!

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  • Virginia (NCK marketing assistant): September 17, 2017

    Hi Donna, no problem! I will update your order information.

  • Donna Hawes: September 17, 2017

    please change my order to cool colors

  • Virginia (NCK marketing assistant): September 17, 2017

    Hi Sheri! The first shipment will go out January 2018. The following boxes will be sent March, May, July, September, and November! :)

  • Sheri Weisser: September 16, 2017

    What is the date of the first shipment?

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