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Secret Beach Infinity Scarf

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     Big surprise: when we're not knitting for the shop, we're still knitting for ourselves. Rebecca often knits for school fundraisers, and she just finished a Secret Beach Infinity Scarf using 3 skeins of our 100% Egyptian cotton Phoenix DK. I love, love, love how it turned out- and I am super tempted to make this my next personal project too!

The Secret Beach Infinity Scarf pattern is available to download for $4.

It requires 3 skeins of Phoenix DK, which are $12 per skein - making this a $40 project.

Note: if you follow the pattern exactly as is- your Secret Beach will end up much, much, longer than Rebecca's! See below for the full details on her pattern modifications. 

     Even if you choose to knit the cowl's full length, you won't need more than the 3 skeins of Phoenix DK. The cowl is knitted flat and then the Kitchener Stitch is used to graft the ends together to create the infinity loop. 

     As for Rebecca's changes: she knit the entire cowl on US size 6 needles (instead of size 7), and her finished circumference is 55" (instead of 94”). The main color section was only worked for 18" (instead of 30"), and both contrast color sections were knitted to 9" (instead of 16"). Whenever it came time to switch colors, Rebecca knitted the Lace Pattern's rows 1 and 2 one more time, so she ended each section on a row 2 instead of a row 4. 

Rebecca used the colors SteelRegal PurplePacific for her Secret Beach... 

But since we have so many color options in Phoenix DK, it might be a challenge to pick your own color combinations.

I had some fun and put together my favorite 6 combos. What do you think?

Greens: Limestone & Moss & Grass    or    Blues: Cloudy Skies & Deep lake & Deep Ocean

Pinks: White & Mauve & Rosette    or    Browns: Rain Cloud & Melon & Cocoa

Purples: Cloudy Skies & Lavender & Regal Purple   or    Reds: Rain Cloud & Salmon & Deep Wine

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  • Pinch Creek Stitcher: February 20, 2018

    This scarf is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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