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Revisiting: The Ferndale Wildflowers Hat

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This week we wanted to revisit the Ferndale Wildflowers Hat, which uses just 1 skein of the Worsted Weight from Ferndale Farms

The pattern is available to purchase for $5, but you can download the pattern for free when you order the Ferndale Farm's Worsted Weight, which is $28 per skein. 

      The hat, which is knitted with only 1 skein of the Worsted Weight, is as simple as you can get. It's knit entirely in stockinette, which means no purling is involved! Usually the rolled edges of stockinette stitch is a pain for knitters, but when planned, it can be a really cute detail! I happen to love how the rolled brim looks on this hat, but I'm the designer, so I'm a bit bias. 

     It doesn't take long to whip up the hat, which is great because the embroidery is the fun part! Just grab some yarn odds & ends from your stash, and use those for the embellishment. You shouldn't need any more than 15 yards per color you use!

      I encourage everyone to try to create their own embellishment design, but the pattern contains instructions and a diagram to replicate the same bouquet seen in the sample. My warning? Once you learn how to embellish your knitwear, you'll want to do so on everything! 

While there are written instructions for the embroidery stitches,
I also made a How-To video demonstrating them!

     The key is to not get too preoccupied with trying to make your stitches perfect. They won't be! You'll be pleasantly surprised with how great it all comes together when you're finished. If you're totally new to embroidery, go ahead and practice the stitches on your gauge swatch!

     There are 30+ colorways in the Ferndale Farm's Worsted Weight, and a Wildflowers Hat would look fantastic in any of them! I particularly like Denim, Pomegranate, Green Apple, and Straw

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