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Queen of Diamonds Cowl

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     This cowl is Laura's latest finished project- and everyone who feels how lofty it is immediately wants one of their own. The texture, sparkle, and softness is just so irresistible.

The Queen of Diamonds Cowl is $5 on its own, or free when you purchase the 2 skeins of yarn to make it. 

The cowl uses Folio and/or Folio Luxe. You only need 1 skein of both colors you choose, so this is a $15 - $17 project! Look down below for our color combination recommendations.

     The Folio & Folio Luxe are both lightweight alpaca blend yarns with a soft halo and a lot of drape. The Queen of Diamonds cowl is knitted on US size 5 needles, which accentuates the airy and ethereal quality of the fabric. 

     The entire Queen of Diamonds cowl is knitted in the round, so no seaming or grafting is required! It's a very simple pattern, and the most "complex" techniques would be slipping stitches and the crochet cast-on. The slipped stitch pattern makes this design a breeze to knit, and you'll probably be finished much quicker than you'd expect! 

     While the textures created on both sides of the Queen of Diamonds cowl are different, they are both lovely! So even though there is still technically a 'right side' and 'wrong side', the cowl is essentially reversible and you can choose how you'd personally like to wear it. 

     Now, let's talk colors. The trick is to choose two Folio or Folio Luxe colors that have similar value, so the slipped stitch pattern can effectively blend the two shades together. Choosing more highly contrasting colors will still look good, however it would result in a totally different look! Your Queen of Diamonds cowl will resemble more of a hounds-tooth texture, rather than the quiet and sophisticated blending of colors we fell in love with. Here are our favorite combinations:

The sample in our photos used the colors Purple Mountain Folio and Hydra Folio Luxe.
We also really like Orr Folio and Cassiopeia Folio Luxe
and last but not least, Napa Valley Folio and Purple Mountain Folio.

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