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Project Inspiration: Let It Be

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     Is it just me, or does it feel like Fall has already arrived? It's been very cool and grey outside- with the sun occasionally peeking out in the early afternoon. As we are slowly transitioning to darker and shorter days, our knitting is transitioning into warmer and woollier projects! 

     A scarf design like the Let It Be is just what we need during this seasonal shift. It's knit with a wool & cotton blend, so it breathes easily while remaining soft, bouncy, and warm. The yarn Song is available in a range of soft colors, and it's only $11 a skein. 

Let it Be is available to download for $6.00, and it uses 4 skeins of Song. Following a chart is required for this pattern. 

     The stitch pattern on Let It Be is a unique one, breaking up diagonally sliding stockinette sections with garter stitch ridges. While the fabric does not look the same on both sides- the "wrong side" is still visually very cool. In fact, when Harry was knitting this sample, I was gushing over the pattern before I realized I was looking at the back! That's always a good thing, especially for scarves since you don't want to fuss about which side is showing while you wear it. 

     Since this Let It Be sample has been on display in the shop for a while, several of the Song colorways quickly sold out- but there is still plenty available for you to make one, too! Soft Red, Denim, and Earth are my personal favorites, but any of the colors available would show off the stitch pattern beautifully.

What do you think? Are there any colors calling to you? Keep us updated on your progress here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Ello!

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