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Project Inspiration: Ferrara

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     It isn't too often I feature a crochet pattern, but how could I resist this one?! The Ferrara is a granny-square style design with flower motifs that are worked individually and then joined together during the final step. It combines the undyed Mohawk Wool and the colorful tweed Telluride, which pair together beautifully and create a fabulous texture.

Ferrara is available to download for $6. It requires 1 skein of each of the 2 colors of Mohawk Wool, as well as 1 skein each of the 6 colors of Telluride

     I suspect that you could get away with using fewer skeins for the Ferrara if you wanted to narrow down the amount of colors you use, which would help with the overall price if that's a concern for you. For example, if you didn't mind the center of each flower motif matching the color that joins the motifs together- then it's possible you'd be fine with purchasing just 1 skein of the Mohawk Wool (this hasn't been tested, though!). Experimenting with fewer or more colors would be fun with this project. A great way to make it your own! 

     Since you crochet each motif for Ferrara separately, and then join them together in the end, the finished size of this scarf is super easy to customize! Go long and narrow for a lengthy scarf, or go wider for a wrap, whichever you prefer. 

     The Ferrara sample in the photos used the following colors: Bark and Oatmeal in Mohawk Wool, and the Telluride colorways Faded TealShadowAshCornflowerDark Ocher, and Coconut

     There are enough colors of Telluride to make this decision difficult, but luckily Classic Elite did a great job with this yarn's overall color palette, because they all look good together! So really, you can't make any bad color combos- especially for a fun and funky project like this one. 

     If you are still struggling with choosing, here are a couple of ideas that you can copy or modify to your preference...

For a bright summery look, the colors shown above are Oatmeal and Gull Grey Mohawk Wool with Telluride colors Bud Green, Crimson, Violet, Winter Wheat, Denim, and Mouse.

For a more subdued Fall palette, the colors shown above are Dirty White and Driftwood Mohawk Wool with Soot, Winter Wheat, Russet, Shadow, Coconut and Dark Ochre.

We would love to hear what you think! Keep us updated on your project progress here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Ello!

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