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Petrolia Tides Shawlette (Plus a How-To Elastic Bind-Off Video!)

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      Whenever the small southern Humboldt town of Petrolia crosses my mind, I think of two things: the glorious coastal landscape it sits in, and the Lost Coast Yarns that are hand dyed by our friend and fiber artist living in the rural community. 

Petrolia Tides is an exclusive shawlette design that uses just 1 skein of the Lost Coast Fingering Weight

The pattern is available to download on its own for $5, however if you order the yarn to make it we will automatically send you a printed copy of the pattern for free.

     Petrolia Tides is knitted lengthwise, but since the bulk of the pattern is simply knitting garter stitch short rows- it's like you're knitting downhill! As every row and every wedge gets shorter and shorter, your project moves along a whole lot quicker than you initially expect. 

     In between Petrolia Tides' wedges of plain garter stitch, there are basic eyelet rows that add an airy quality to the look and feel. These little eyelets also provide as the button holes for holding the shawlette closed over your shoulders as you wear it.

     The sample you see in the photos used the colorway Six Rivers, but I don't think you could go wrong with any of them! I also love Wild Rose and Moss.... Nonetheless, since Lost Coast Yarns is a local and small-batch production, when this yarn is gone- it's gone. So if you're interested, get it before it disappears!

     Below you'll find a How-To video on the Elastic Bind Off. Since you're binding off lengthwise, you really want to make sure you use a technique that's nice and stretchy, or else the shawlette will pucker and not lay correctly. Enjoy!

K2, *Insert left needle into front of both sts on right needle from left to right and knit the two sts together through the back loops, k1; repeat from*

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  • Virginia (NCK Marketing Assistant): May 08, 2017

    Hi Sharon! There are no double W+T’s. I think you may be confused by the rows that say something like “K to * stitches before last W+T, W+T.” Which means you will be knitting across until you reach the last W+T you worked, and then you work a new W+T right next to it. Hope that makes sense!

  • Sharon Solomon: May 07, 2017

    Received yarn and pattern yesterday — can’t wait to start. However, what’s the purpose of the double W&T?

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