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Groovy Gradients with Jilly

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First, let me explain that this isn't just Jilly.... It's Jilly with Cashmere

     The hand dyed colorways are what first catch your attention. It draws you in, overcoming you with the irresistible urge to feel it. Once you reach out and give it a pet- you can't deny taking it home with you.

     Jilly with Cashmere is, as mentioned, hand dyed in small batches by Dream in Color Yarns. It's a beautiful single ply fingering weight yarn that is as versatile as it is luxurious. Each skein has a generous 440 yards, so projects can easily range from small accessories to large wearable garments. This yarn is incredible to work with- so soft, light, full of drape and luster. It's 70% Superwash Merino and 20% Cashmere, with 10% Nylon added in for strength. This yarn is $32 a skein, but considering it's a hand dyed cashmere blend with plenty of yardage for 1 skein projects- the price isn't outrageous. 

     When Laura was choosing which colorways to order for the shop, she had a game plan. As she was browsing through the hundreds of possibilities, she was specifically thinking of gradients. Even more specifically, she was thinking about the Groovy Shawl!

     You remember Groovy, right? I blogged about the popular project back in February, and at the time, Laura had just knitted it up out of Jade Sapphire's 2-Ply Mongolian Cashmere. Yes, it's a different yarn- but Jilly with Cashmere is no less sumptuous. Typically I would have waited to publish this blog until after we finished knitting our own sample- but we do not expect this yarn to be in stock for long. It always has and always will sell out quickly- so get it before you regret it.

     One skein of Jilly with Cashmere will result in a small shawlette sized Groovy. Two skeins will be enough to give you the size the pattern is written for, which is nice and cozy. You could easily use three skeins to make an oversized version, or, you can use partial skeins so your shawl is the average size- but with more colors. You pick!

     Since the yarn was ordered with the intention of combining colors, you can spend a lot of time mixing and matching the colorways. The amount of different styles you can create with just 2 - 3 skeins is astounding! I spent the morning putting combinations together, and here are several of my ideas...

Amethyst & Eggplant and Emerald Darkness & Grow

Blue Fish & South Pacific and Way Cool Cristal & Tidal

Chili & Passion and Cedar Creek & Rain Cloud

Starless Sky & Wilderness and Tumbleweed & Tokyo Creme

Eggplant & Amethyst & Galaxy

South Pacific & Grow & Emerald Darkness

Cedar Creek & Raincloud & Starless Sky

Charli Au Latte & Tokyo Creme & Tumbleweed


So many color combos, so little time! What do you think? Is there a certain color calling to you? Let us know what you think! Keep us updated on your project here, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Ello!

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  • Virginia (NCK Marketing Assistant): July 26, 2016

    Hi Charlene! The Groovy in the photos in the photos is a fingering weight version, knit with 2 skeins of yarn that have 400 yards each. Jilly with Cashmere has 440! :)

  • Charlene glenn: July 24, 2016

    What size of groovy was shown in this advertisement ?

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