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     Cotton and silk are known for their luster, drape, strength, and how breathable they are. They don't typically have the loft and squishiness you get with protein fibers.... But Summer Silk is definitely an exception. The 45% Silk, 43% Cotton, 12% Nylon blend is spun up in a chainette ply- so even though the individual fibers themselves do not have much stretch and bounce- the ply makes them springy and full of air.

The Grenache shawl pattern is available to download for $6.00.

It uses 5 skeins of Summer Silk, which are only $13.00 each

     Grenache is an oversized triangular shawl with a really unique construction! There isn't anything too difficult to maneuver (picking up stitches and "sl 1, k2tog, pass slipped st over" are the most complicated techniques involved) however, following a chart is required. If you are familiar with the stitches but just not comfortable with reading charts- maybe this blog post will help you get started

      You begin Grenache by knitting and binding-off a small garter stitch triangle. You then pick up stitches along each side of that triangle, and begin the lace pattern! The shawl blooms into that gorgeous lace design, and you end it with a narrow garter stitch edge. Summer Silk's plump uniformity shows off the pattern beautifully, and it keeps the shawl feeling light and airy despite the heavier gauge. 

     I absolutely love the amount of drape Grenache has, especially for such a large, full-bodied, and warm garment. The cotton and silk in Summer Silk not only make it flowy and full of drape, but it has a lovely touch of luster that catches and reflects natural light. You gotta love silk, there's just nothing else like it!

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  • Carlyta Smith : March 09, 2017

    Beautiful shawl

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