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Crystal Diamonds

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      Crystal is a gorgeous yarn that, unfortunately, seems to stump knitters. People are always drawn in by the sparkle, but many are left wondering- what do you do with these sequined lace weight skeins? It often ends up as a glitzy accent or a carry-along, but our new Crystal Diamonds Scarf (which is a symmetrical adaptation of the Diamond Scarf by Katie Rempe) proves that this yarn can do just fine on its own.

Crystal Diamonds is free to download, and it uses only 1 skein. Use the coupon code CRYSTAL25 for 25% off Crystal, making it $25.50 each (instead of the regular $34).

     I love how elegant the Crystal Diamonds scarf is. The drape and sparkle from Crystal makes it seem more like a necklace than a typical scarf! It's really cute worn tight, almost like a choker, but it's still lovely worn loose and flowy like any other scarf in your wardrobe.

     Crystal Diamond's shapes keep the knitting interesting, with simple increases and decreases along the edges to create the undulating shapes. The finished fabric is surprisingly stretchy, and I like how you can push and pull the points of the diamonds to create a more dramatic look. Most of the scarf is simple garter stitch, which is a great choice for Crystal, because the ridges help the sequins catch and reflect light as it moves with whomever is wearing it. 

     There are a lot of colors available in Crystal. As long as you like sparkle, there's definitely a color you will love! The Crystal Diamonds sample in our photos was knitted with the color Rose Garden #38. I personally really like Moss #37, and Sunspot #8. What do you think?

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