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Our Foray into Hand Embroidery

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     At the end of last year we announced that we would soon be carrying kits and supplies for hand embroidery, and at last, the time has come! You can now find beautiful and high-end embroidery tools, accessories, kits, and patterns in our shop!

     First, a little background on the talented artist that whipped up these fabulous retro-modern designs.... April Sproule is a native Californian who works and lives here in beautiful Humboldt County. She operates Sproule Studios as "a textile arts business that offers wonderful innovative design options for embellishing and enriching your life". She's fueled by the motivation to share her knowledge, inspiration, and ideas with anyone- no matter their experience. To quote April herself:

 "I love helping others discover their unique creative path. Everyone has a gift, but sometimes it can be difficult to define. Sometimes it takes a little push from another person to encourage someone that it really is alright to pursue whatever it is that makes them feel alive and brings them joy."

     I can attest that her designs are not only beautiful, but they're totally do-able for someone who is a complete beginner. Honestly, I have never done this before. Ever. Nonetheless, I took home a Curvaceous Kit  and an embroidery hoop, and I was able to work through learning each stitch- without any problems at all. The booklets included with each of the patterns are full of clear step-by-step instructions (both written out and in images) of all of the stitches used in that design. When I finished, I almost couldn't believe that my first embroidery project looked so good! I was proud, and super pumped up to do more.

I decided to turn my Curvaceous design into a pillow, which was also new to me, but it turned out pretty cute! I simply picked out some fabric, grabbed some fiber fill for stuffing, and then used youtube to learn the ladder stitch seam- which is actually both invisible and pretty easy to do!

     Laura has a background with embroidery- although she admitted that it has been a while since she had done it. She took home a Blooms Kit, and I think it ended up being adorable. Wouldn't these make super sweet patches sewn onto a jacket or bag?

     Hand embroidery ended up being a lot less intimidating than I had worked it up to be in my mind. I have so many more ideas that I want to do, on top of wanting to do all of April's other designs. Each of the designs are available as a kit or as an individual pattern- so if you have your tools and accessories already, you have the option of only spending $10 instead of $40 for things you already have. 

     I'm interested to find out of you all get as hooked as I have. Working on April's kit opened a floodgate for me, and I have since done a portrait of the 70's rock musician Marc Bolan, as well as use my new embroidery stitches to embellish a pair of slippers I knit up for myself. I love love love this new craft of mine, and I love how it can be applied to all of my other fiber arts too! What do you think? Have you done embroidery before? Or are you ready to get started?


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  • Lori Holmes: December 15, 2016

    I have attended one of April’s classes…she is wonderful..and her patterns are great and easy to follow…but the most fun is to take a class from April…she is multi talented which shows in her creations.

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