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Project Inspiration: Dawn

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     At the tail end of 2015, a lace weight wool named Spinni arrived from Isager Yarns. The deep jewel tone colors draw you in, and the rustic single-ply texture really peaks your interest. But it's difficult to tell what Spinni would look and feel like knitted up. That's why I wanted to share the sample we put together.

     Dawn is a long rectangular wrap knit up with 4 different skeins of the Spinni. This pattern doesn't use any outrageous techniques or stitches that you don't know how to do, but it is more on the complicated side. Any intermediate knitter should have no problem piecing through this one- but a beginner might want to save this gem for later. 

     You begin Dawn in the center, as if you're knitting a triangular shawl. The live stitches are split, and you then work each half of the wrap. Once you've finished knitting both sides, you finish the piece off with an I-cord edge for a clean and professional look. 

     The unique construction adds an interesting look, with the stitches all on a bias instead of what you'd predict with any other rectangular shaped garment. The Spinni is so lightweight- the fabric is sheer and flowy. I feel like if the yarn wasn't dyed with these rich saturated colors, the wrap would be practically invisible. It really is a lovely garment! While this wool is not as soft as a cashmere, silk, or merino-  its gorgeous ethereal aesthetic more than makes up for it. 

     Since there are 19 colors of Spinni, you can come up with some pretty vastly different color combinations. You can create one that's perfect for you. I realize that not everyone has the easiest time choosing combinations, so here are a few ideas that you can run with or modify.

Our sample was knit with 16, 47, 101, and the contrast color 3s.
The sample Isager used in their pattern combines the 39s, 1s, and 28s with a contrast color similar to 2s.
But I happen to think that 52s, 25s, 55, and 3s makes a great group.
As does 40, 15s, 3, and 4s.

     If you're picking out your own colors, we recommend 3 complimentary colors along with 1 color (neutral greys and whites work well) for contrast. Which combination for Dawn sings to you? 

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  • lexy cann: January 17, 2016

    Wow. This is really stunning. Beautiful use of a beautiful yarn. Thanks!

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