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12 Knits to Gift: The Bastille Hat

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For the daughter who loves to sparkle

     Well this series sure went quickly, didn't it? In these last few weeks we've covered 12 of our favorite projects from 2015, in the hope that it helps you find the perfect knit for everyone on your gift list. We began with the larger and more complex designs so you'd have plenty of time finish 'em, wrap 'em, and relax prior to gifting 'em. But now we're finally on #12, and like the last few project ideas- it's a simple one that could be finished in a flash.  

     Similar to the Dartmouth covered in the last post, Bastille is a simple stockinette hat with a ribbed brim. This hat's wide brim means that it can be worn slouchy-style, or if you like, can be worn fitted with the brim folded. Bastille needs 2 skeins of Ava, which is a lovely wool yarn with metallic thread spun in for a touch of sparkle. 

     Although there isn't anything inherently feminine about the hat design- Ava brings it to level glamorous. Ava's colorways are all paired with a metallic thread that doesn't overwhelm and clash with it. In fact, while the sparkle in Ava is noticeable- it's far more of a subtle touch than that in some other sparkly yarns available. I also like how the metallic thread doesn't add any itchy-scratchy texture to the yarn. Ava is soft and touchable- you hardly even notice the sparkly thread as you snuggle up with the finished fabrics. 

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