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12 Knits to Gift: Dartmouth Hat

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For the nephew who was good this year

     Christmas is just over a week away! We're all working hard on gifts, and luckily we're getting the kind of weather that encourages us to stay inside and knit. Hopefully most of our handmade gifts are getting finished up, but there's always a couple of people on the list that get missed or lumped into next year's gift list. There's still time for them! You just need something that can be finished after and evening or two of watching holiday movies with a cup of tea.... For example, the 11th project of our Knits to Gift series: The Dartmouth Hat.

     As you can see, Dartmouth is a basic ribbed brim and stockinette crown hat design. Assuming you've knit hats before- this is a truly mindless knit. Even if you haven't tried knitting in the round, this is a good one to start with! The pattern is actually written to include the instructions for both a wide brim, and a short brim- so you get to choose the style you prefer. 

     Dartmouth uses Tiverton Tweed, which is an incredibly soft single ply worsted weight yarn. This yarn's unique look is comprised of neutral undyed shades of alpaca, spun together with little colorful flecks of wool and viscose tweed. Tiverton Tweed has the uneven texture of tweed yarns, but the softness, drape, and halo of a buttery high-end skein of alpaca. The yarn is only $10 a skein, and the Dartmouth hat could actually be made with just one! It is, however, recommended that you pick up a second skein so that you have plenty of yardage to make a gauge swatch.

     I really like the Tiverton Tweed, and I think that the simple pattern allows it to show off its textures and colors. All of the colorways of Tiverton Tweed are easy to wear because they are neutral shades that would complement any casual attire. It's a unisex pattern made with a yarn that anyone will love. Perfect!

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