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12 Knits to Gift: Nonfelted Slippers

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For the friends who are always there when you need them

     The final 3 projects in our 12 knits to gift series are all projects that, with a little diligence, could be finished within just an evening or two. Which is exactly what we need if we're going to finish these gifts in time to wrap them up as Christmas gifts. So, instead of wasting your precious knitting time, I'll go ahead and start this final week with #10 on our list: the Nonfelted Slippers.
     This pattern is one of our favorites in the shop. It's popular for a few reasons: it's a quick knit and easy to follow pattern, they're cute, the pattern is free to download, and they only need 2 skeins of Tara Tweed- which means that they only cost $16 to make! 
     Tara Tweed is a beautiful but hearty yarn with a variety of deep and neutral colors. It's a wool and nylon blend, which makes them a great durable option for these slippers. The nubby texture of this yarn has that traditional tweed look, but the soft and touchable feel of luxurious modern yarns. To achieve the gauge and the make the slippers nice and strong, we split the Tara Tweed skeins in half and knit the slippers double stranded. If you would like us to split the skeins for you before we ship them, just mention it in the 'notes' as you checkout! 
     Using short rows, these slippers are knit flat and then seamed together up the sole and back of the heel. I like how the sole and instep use two different colors because it gives you more options for customization. There are a lot of color combinations in the Tara Tweed that would work well for anyone. The design is unisex and would be cozy for anyone, however, the pattern is only written for women's size medium (which actually fits on my size women's-large feet just fine). However, according to a note on Ravelry, if you would like to increase the size you should add a multiple of 4 stitches (2 stitches on each side) to the total stitch count.
     Adding the decorative button was our own little touch, and I think it's a nice embellishment that adds a little bit of femininity, as well as makes them look professional. Plus, choosing buttons is always fun. I'll take any excuse to incorporate them!

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