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12 Knits to Gift: Bamboo Field Mitts

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For your coworkers who became good friends

     #9 of our 12 Knits list is one that we shared with you just under two months ago, and it's also the project finished in our Fingerless Gloves Class, which will be over the course of 3 Sundays in January. The Bamboo Field Mitts are a simple pattern that isn't boring, and much like the Windschief hat in my last post- you'll have the pattern memorized within just a few inches of knitting. 
     I felt that these Bamboo Field Mitts were a great project to share for this series, because 2 skeins of the yarn will yield 3 pairs! Being able to quickly finish gifts for 3 different people sounds pretty great right about now.
     We knit the mitts up in 2 different yarns, one is a luxurious hand dyed 4-Ply Cashmere, and the second is a more affordable but still high-end blend of wool, alpaca, and angora called Fresco. You can't go wrong. While the cashmere is extra warm and much softer (softer than pretty much everything, really), the touch of angora in the Fresco creates just the slightest halo on the fabric. There are 3 very sophisticated and neutral color choices in the cashmere, but Fresco actually has 31 different colors to choose from! You've got plenty of options.
     The mitts are worked in the round on double points (US size 2, or whatever size you need to get the gauge of 6.5 stitches per inch). The whole length is worked in the easy-peasy bamboo stitch pattern, which is essentially just a wide rib with purl ridges breaking them up. The thumb gusset has a professional look, despite being really simple and easy to do.
     We did, however, make one modification... The pattern has you knit the thumb in stockinette, and finish with 4 rounds of 2x2 ribbing. We didn't do the ribbing, and simply bound-off instead. The ribbing looked fine, but we found that it was bulkier than we liked, and the thumb still looks great just worked in stockinette! 

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