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12 Knits to Gift: The Windschief Hat

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For the Dad who "doesn't need anything" but deserves everything

     It's hard to believe how quickly these last few weeks have gone! We're definitely crunched for time now, and I know some of you are stressed. Hanukkah has already begun, and Christmas is only 2 weeks away! Since we're nearing our deadlines, the last 5 projects in this series are small accessories that could be finished in time. So keep calm!

     #8 of our 12 Knits series is my personal favorite go-to hat pattern. The Windschief Hat by Stephen West is great unisex design that I've knit a few times now, and although it isn't as basic as a plain stockinette cap- it is still easy to knit and works up quickly with any worsted weight yarn. There are a few "intermediate" techniques that you'd need to be familiar with (knitting in the back loop, M1L, K2tog, K3tog), but once you're an inch or two into main pattern- you'll already have it memorized.

     The Royal Alpaca is a gorgeous choice for this hat, and ended up being my favorite version out of the few I've completed. You only need 1 skein, and there are a lot of handsome colors to choose from. The color I chose is the Coal. Besides being crazy super soft (do I snuggle the hat? or wear it?), the yarn is also incredibly light and airy for a worsted weight. The Royal Alpaca Windschief is light-as-a-feather, but still very warm and insulating. I also like how the Royal Alpaca fluffs up, and has a sweet halo that adds to the softness, but doesn't overwhelm the stitch pattern.

     Twisted stitches create a tight and unexpected texture around the brim, and just a section of the ribbed brim spirals up in an asymmetrical design towards the tip of the crown. Stockinette serves as a blank background for the twisted stitches to really stand out and show off. 

     One of the great things about the Windschief pattern, is that it is actually a 2 in 1 deal. The hat comes with instructions for a matching cowl. Admittedly, I haven't moved on past knitting the hats, but the cowl seems like a nice size and also has the fun slanted twisted rib design. 

     Just to share, I also made this hat out of 1 skein of the Lost Coast Worsted Weight! Unfortunately, this yarn is almost completely sold out. As of writing this blog post- we literally only have 2 skeins left. They both happen to be the same colorway that I used, Cochineal (although they are a bit darker and more saturated than the pink-purple skein I had). If you like it, you might want to jump on it before they're gone for good!

Stay tuned for projects #9-12 in our 12 Knits to Gift Series! 
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