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12 Knits to Gift: Koz*Mo*Bius Cowl

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For the niece who likes to be unique

     #5 of our 12 Knits to Gift Series is the Koz*Mo*Bius cowl. Since today is December 1st, this is the last of the more-involved projects on this series. You still have time to get this easy peasy cowl finished, however after this one- we're going to be focusing on projects that you can quickly finish within just a day or two.

     This is a luxurious project, but only uses 2 skeins of Kozmos, so it ends up being $68, $70, or $72- depending on the colorways you choose. Kozmos is a gorgeous hand dyed yarn by Alchemy, and it's a blend of cotton, silk, mohair, and wool. It's incredibly touchable, and there's none of that itchy-scratchy texture that mohair sometimes creates. The nubby texture in this yarn is so unique, and it's accentuated by the uneven colors contributed by the range of fibers absorbing dyes differently. It really is stunning!

     Like all Alchemy patterns, we can give you the pattern for free when you purchase your yarn. Simply mention the Koz*Mo*Bius in the 'notes' section as you checkout, and we'll include a hard copy with your shipment. We can also provide a pdf file if requested.

     The Koz*Mo*Bius Cowl is one of those easier-than-it-looks designs. It's a dropped stitch pattern, which really just entails yarn overs and knit stitches. You don't even need to purl! Typically, we wouldn't recommend a wool or mohair blend for this stitch pattern- because of the bounce and fuzz that could potentially hide the design. But the Kozmos has enough cotton and silk to give it a beautiful amount of drape and weight.

     This cowl is a mobius, which means it has that fun twist. But don't let that make you nervous, because the cowl is actually knit flat on US size 9 needles, and then seamed to create the mobius twist. Also, instead of cutting and weaving in 1,000,000 loose ends from color changes, you actually just carry the colors up along the sides.

     One more thing I love about this cowl is the size! I love it when I can wrap up in a cozy knit- and this one is big enough to be worn loose or doubled up around the neck.... it's even large enough to be brought up over the head when you're feeling extra chilly. It's not too common to find big comfy projects that only use 2 skeins of yarn- so this one is a gem. A few color combinations that would look great together would be Sage BrushMediterranean, Radiant Orchid & Buckskin, and Sage Brush & Dude Ranch.

Stay tuned for projects #6-12 in our 12 Knits to Gift Series! 
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