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12 Knits to Gift: The Honey Locust Cowl

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For the Aunt who's always cold

     When planning our 12 Knits to Gift, I wanted to cover all of the more involved patterns first, so you have plenty of time to finish them in time for Christmas. One of the cowls I knew I needed to share is one that I knit around this same time last year- and it's perfect because it's one of those patterns that seems far more intricate and complicated than it really is. So you get to knock out a gift and everyone will think you're a rockstar (as they should!). 
     #3 of our 12 Knits to Gift is the Honey Locust Cowl. Do you believe me that it's surprisingly quick? I am known to be a very slow knitter... I only worked on this cowl in the shop while I wasn't helping customers, but it still only took me a week to finish! If I could pull that one off- you absolutely could too. 
     It helps that the yarn is uses is the chunky wool/alpaca blend Blackthorn. I have a lot of love for this yarn- I even went on to knit a sweater once I realized how nice it was to work with. Blackthorn is available in undyed shades of grey and brown, but if you feel like wearing more 'pop' than that- Wynter is the same yarn but dyed in vibrant colors. The cowl only needs 2 skeins regardless if you choose the Blackthorn or the Wynter. So you're only looking at spending $30 per cowl!
     The Honey Locust Cowl is essentially just a wide rib broken into sections by twisted stitches that fool you by looking like cables. Not having to stop and reach for the cable needle really speeds things up! It's nice to have that highly textured cabled effect without the work. 
     The cowl is a nice size to always keep you warm. It's a fuss-free accessory that you never have to worry about while wearing. It's really soft and squishy, so wearing it against your neck is never an issue.

Stay tuned for projects #4-12 in our 12 Knits to Gift Series! 

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