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12 Knits to Gift: The Lace Silhouette Hats

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For the best friend that makes your day shine brighter

     Here we are in mid-November, and we are seeing that look of panic flash across the faces of knitters when they explain that they hope to finish their Christmas or Hannukah knitting. Are you one of these stressed out people? Stop! Don't worry. You still have time to finish a few knits for gifts- you just might need to re-strategize what it is that you're making. Instead of stressing out and trying to finish a sweater or intricate lace shawl before the holidays- save 'em for later. We recommend sticking to small, quick, and easy knits for gift giving. They're still personal and made with love- only they are more affordable and will make holiday knitting a whole lot more enjoyable. 

     Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing "12 Knits to Gift" project ideas. We have something for Mom, Dad, siblings, cousins, friends, and everyone else on your list. 

     #1 of our 12 Knits to Gift series is a hat pattern that is just blaringly perfect for the season. The Lace Silhouette Hat by Classic Elite. The pattern is available to purchase individually for $6 through Ravelry.com, or along with 10 other cozy patterns in the book Portraits

     Using the shimmering yarn Ava, this hat pattern is written up to include the instructions on how to make this design in two different styles. The fitted cap (shown in white) only requires 1 ball of Ava, while the slouchy (shown in the red) needs 2. Ava is only $12.50 a skein, so even if you choose to knit the slouchy- you're still spending under $30 on high quality yarn for a very nice and thoughtful gift. Can't beat that!

     This hat is mostly reverse stockinette, with travelling slipped stitches creating pronounced ridges that all meet in the center of the crown. The reverse stockinette serves beautifully as a plain background that shows off the single lace panel. Since the lace is simply a detail and not covering the entire piece- it's an easily manageable project, even for the less experienced.

      Ava is a wool blend that is surprisingly soft for being a sparkly yarn. Normally adding the sparkle sacrifices the yarn's softness for glamour- but Ava remains touchable. I really like how the metallic threads used all compliment the different solid colorways, which gives Ava an elegant subtlety.

     It's good that you have holiday knitting on your mind, but I also want to remind you to share your finished #northcoastknittery projects on Pinterest or Instagram. On December 1st I will be selecting a random winner for a $50 gift certificate! Read this blog post for more details

     Keep an eye on the blog for project ideas 2 - 12. We have some gems coming your way!

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