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Project Inspiration: The Spiral Scarf Trio

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     It's definitely the season of the knitter. Despite the clear sunny skies, the air is chilly chilly chilly- which means we can finally layer up in our favorite hand knits. Is there anything better? 

     We recently finished a set of scarves for the shop that are just too lovely to not share with our online family. The Ariel Spiral Scarf Trio is a 3-in-1 pattern that includes the written instructions for 3 different sizes, which, we happen to think look amazing worn all together at once. The pattern is available to purchase on Ravelry for $6.00.

     This scarf set calls for the cashmere silk and merino blend Superior. Superior is a fluffy lace weight with a soft halo that makes each skein look like it's radiating the intense colors. The silk adds a touch of natural luster that adds to the rich look. The small scarf only needs 1 ball, and both the medium and large sizes require 2. Each skein of Superior has 330 yards for $29.95.

     The Ariel Spiral Scarf Trio uses short rows to make the scarves twist and turn into the gorgeous cascading spirals that they're named after. When worn all together, the scarves look like a plush waterfall of cashmere that's almost irresistible to touch. Honestly, it's a challenge to not just cuddle up with them all day.

     The yarn is a fine weight, but the scarves are knit up on size 9 needles which creates a flowy and ethereal fabric. The cashmere fluffs up and the halo fills in the gaps between the stitches, which makes the scarves sheer and elegant- but still very warm and insulating. The scarves worn individually would still be cozy, but all three worn at once will definitely keep you nice and toasty.

     There are 20 colors available in the Superior, which means that there are a lot of possible color combinations. I put together a few to give you some ideas! Our scarf set was knit up with Taupe (S) & Cinnamon (M) & and Dark Copper (L). But I also really like the color combos Royal Blue & Steel Grey & Light Denim , Steel Grey & Taupe & Black, and Mustard & Chocolate & Taupe.

     Regardless if you choose to wear 1, 2, or 3 of the spiral scarves at once- it's such a treat to wrap up in something as fine and luxurious as a silk and cashmere blend such as Superior

So what do you think? Which color combos tickle your fancy? If you treat-yo-self to this lovely project, don't forget to share the progress and finished product on social media with the #northcoastknittery hashtag! 

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