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Let's Show Knitty Some Love

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Knitty needs support!

      If you've ever been on the hunt for a free pattern, the chances are very high that you've come across Knitty designs (Click HERE to browse all of Knitty's patterns by issue on Ravelry). Knitty is an online knitting magazine that began back in 2002, and it quickly became an irreplaceable resource for fiber artists. Each of the quarterly issues is full of stylish and modern patterns, as well as featured articles on tips and techniques for knitting, crochet, weaving, and even spinning. Knitty is one of a kind, and has served as the starting point for many, many, knitwear designers that we now all know and love. They are honestly a publication that is for fiber artists, and by fiber artists. Their intentions are not to make a profit, but to simply provide a service that benefits creative minds. 
     Here's the thing. Knitty wants to be clear that they are a free magazine that will remain free for as long as they are able to publishHowever, they need support. Knitty may be free for us to all utilize, however, it isn't free create and manage. I'm sure we all agree that designers deserve to be paid for their work, as well as the tech editors and IT brains behind the patterns and computers. Sponsors have played an imperative role in supporting Knitty, but unfortunately since the worldwide financial crisis of 2008- Knitty's funding has dropped to less than half of what it once was. 
     Instead of filling up their website with obnoxious advertisements, Knitty is trying something out. They just began a Patreon, which is like an ongoing kickstarter account. They're asking all of us readers to contribute to their cause by choosing an amount to donate to support each issue that's published. This isn't required- you choose the amount you're comfortable with giving, and you can choose to stop giving at any point in the future. 
     Regardless if you decide to give $2 or $100 per issue, Knitty has set up a series of rewards to thank everyone's generosity. Unless you choose the option to support without any rewards, you'll be granted access to patron-only forums and knitty news, your name will be included in their growing list of supporters, and you may even have access to exclusive online webchats, and an assortment of "swag" like stickers, buttons, and patches. 
     Even if $2 per issue ($8 a year) is all you can afford, it still makes a massive difference to Knitty. All of those dollars added up solidifies a future for Knitty, which is good for all of us! Let's all work together to make sure Knitty is around for another 13+ years. 
     All of us here at NorthCoast Knittery have used Knitty patterns in the past, and you may even see a Knitty design or two out on our shop floor. We weren't asked to promote Knitty, we aren't associated or paid by them. We simply appreciate everything they do, and we know there would be a huge hole in the knitting world if Knitty were to disappear. You can find my name and Laura's name among the list of patrons.... will you join us?

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  • Rowena Millis: October 30, 2015

    I would suggest that all successful designers who initially used Knitty in starting their careers, trumpet their support of Knitty via a tidy contribution amount.
    I’m talking particularly about Stephen West and others.

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