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Project Inspiration: Bamboo Field Mitts

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     Sometimes projects are so enjoyable, as soon as you finish you want to cast on and start again. You know what I'm talking about! Even if you take a break to work on other things- we all have those designs that we love and eventually return to. There are a number of reasons (excuses?) to re-knit patterns, but I think most commonly the case- we make it once, and then someone remarks about how much they want one, too. Since we're all generous and loving people (also since we were secretly begging for any reason to buy more yarn) we happily oblige. It IS the season to be knitting gifts! 
     During these last few weeks in the shop, we discovered this gem of a design: the Bamboo Field Mitts. We found it as a free pattern on Ravelry, and decided it would be a good pattern to feature the dreamy hand dyed 4-Ply Mongolian Cashmere by Jade Sapphire. We did not necessarily know that we were going to get hooked on this project, but it happened!

     After we knit the Mitts out of the 4-Ply Cashmere, we liked the pattern so much, we also wanted to show the design in a slightly-more-affordable yarn option. The second pair we made were knit up with Fresco, which is so nice and definitely one of my personal favorite yarns, but it is only $12 instead of the $47 cashmere. While the cashmere is extra warm and much softer (softer than pretty much everything, really), the Fresco is a lovely blend of wool, alpaca, and angora. The touch of angora creates just the slightest halo on the knit fabric. There are 4 very sophisticated and neutral color choices in the cashmere, but Fresco actually has 31 different colors to choose from! You've got plenty of options.

     One of the best parts about this design is that regardless if you choose to use the cashmere or the Fresco, you have enough yardage to A) make the mitts as long as you want, or B) buy a second skein and have enough to make 3 pairs!! How great is that?! Checking off 3 different people from your holiday gift-list sounds so, so worth it. 
     The mitts are worked in the round on double points (US size 2, or whatever size you need to get the gauge of 6.5 stitches per inch). The whole length is worked in the easy-peasy bamboo stitch pattern, which is essentially just a wide rib with purl ridges breaking them up. The thumb gusset has a professional look, despite being really simple and easy to do. 

     We did, however, make one modification... The pattern has you knit the thumb in stockinette, and finish with 4 rounds of 2x2 ribbing. We didn't do the ribbing, and simply bound-off instead. The ribbing looked fine, but we found that it was bulkier than we liked, and the thumb still looks great just worked in stockinette! 
     Warmth is a wonderful gift to give for the holidays. These mitts are a pleasure to make, and the joy of spreading coziness among your friends and family is an irreplaceable feeling! So, what do you think? Are these mitts a home-run? Do you have a pattern that you always return to? Or do you knit it once and always move on to the next? Please share, we'd love to hear from you!

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  • Amy: October 23, 2015

    These are great mitts—made them a couple of times with even more economical yarns and they come out wonderfully. The pattern I return to again and again is Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise jacket. Alternating yarns to get stripes, hand-dyed, solids—it doesn’t seem to matter what yarn, it always turns out nicely. That pattern is a terrific canvas to try other techniques and play with yarn combinations. Just look at all the off-takes there are on Ravelry!

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