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Weaving 101

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     I had experimented with a small tabletop rigid heddle loom, but to be honest, I didn't fall in love with weaving until I took home one of our custom frame looms. Like knitting and crocheting, weaving is a fiber art that can be as casual or complex as you want to make it. Starting on the Stash Blaster Frame Loom gives an easy introduction to the wide world of warps, wefts, and twills without needing to get too much into the math, tedious details, and intricacies of working on a larger loom. This is a taste of weaving. This is weaving 101!

     Something I really appreciate about the frame loom is that it was not a huge commitment to purchase- unlike the sums of money you can drop on other types of looms. After spending only $35, and knowing I could use my own stash yarn- I felt much more at ease knowing that this was just a fun thing to try out and explore. No pressure, no worries, just enjoy and be creative.

     I like making decorative wall hangings for a few reasons. They are each their own composition, and they each have their own completely unique personality. When your weaving is decorative, you're free to try out even more textures and materials than if you needed your weaving to be strong or utilitarian. They make fantastic gifts, they brighten up any room, and they are quick, easy, and fun for anyone to create. 

     You are, of course, not limited to weaving wall hangings. The large stash blaster looms are the perfect size for placemats, or you could weave several blocks and seam them together to create beautiful table runners, rugs, or even wearable garments. There are no rules!

     I created a video with three techniques to start with. Every loom comes with a long tapestry needle (like the one I'm using in the video), as well as easy to read step-by-step instructions and photos on how to warp the loom for weaving. So, when you're ready, here is how to do the plain weave, rya, and soumak:



     Below are a few weavings I've done with our Stash Blaster Looms. The wall hangings were woven on the large size, and the natural weavings were all finished while at the beach using the small. 


As I mentioned before, there are NO RULES. Use any colors, textures, and materials that inspire you. Experiment! If you haven't seen it done before, then we strongly encourage you to give it a go.
     Don't forget to share your creations with us in the comments section below, and on social media sites using the hashtag #northcoastknittery

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  • Linda Campanale: November 30, 2015

    Excellent my friend!

  • Eileen: November 28, 2015

    Great video! I’ve just started to do weaving on a frame loom and your video was extremely clear on how to do the various stitches. Thank you!

  • Margot Thompson: October 16, 2015

    The Lost Coast Pacific Blue yarn is a great indigo color and is definitely a color I see from my studio window on the Oregon Coast. Earn I came to see the Redwoods, I found your store by chance and loved it. I bought Pacific Blue fingering weight for a friend back home. She has loved working with it and finds the color as luminous as I do.
    You also have phenomenal patterns in your store. Thanks!

  • Connie: October 09, 2015

    Really enjoyed the video! Yes, weaving can be very addictive!

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