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The Latest From Alchemy

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     Season after season, Alchemy Yarns delivers some of the most unique and visually stunning designs and yarns on the market. The high quality of their fibers, the outstanding hand painted colorways, and the inventive patterns all play an important role in what makes Alchemy so different from everyone else. 

     Take the yarn Silken Straw as an example. There is simply no substitute from anyone else that will give you the same look and feel as this yarn. This silk tape yarn begins much like 'straw', with a crunchy and stiff texture, but it evolves to become ultra-soft and ultra-luxurious. As you'll see in this blog post, the designs that Alchemy releases all play with their yarn's individual characteristics- showcasing exactly what makes them so beautiful and unique.

     A collection of new designs, as well as several new Silken Straw and Sparky colorways have arrived here at the shop... and they are all so inspiring! Since not everyone can make it in to see these garments in person, I wanted to share them with you here.

A quick note: all of these patterns are available to purchase through, however, when you purchase the yarn from us we will send you a hard copy of the pattern you want for free.

     The Shibori Shizzle Wrap is the perfect example of how Alchemy's patterns compliment their yarns. Gina Wilde, who is the proprietor of Alchemy Yarns, created the Shibori Felting technique as an "exploration of manipulating knit fabric, [and] harnessing the effects of working differing types of yarns together (combining felting and non-felting fibers in one piece)." When you finish knitting a shibori project, you put it into the wash to complete that final step of felting (or fulling) the wool. You'll see that in these shibori garments, the wool and silk blend Sanctuary shrinks and felts, while the silk yarns Sparky and Silken Straw both soften and grow. The Shizzle wrap uses 4 skeins of yarn: 2 of the Sparky, 1 Silken Straw, and 1 Sanctuary. The feather & fan stitch is easily memorized, and it creates that lovely wave that is accentuated once you felt the Sanctuary

     Another Shibori piece in this collection is the Nautilus Wrap. This wrap uses short rows to achieve that crescent shape, and the entire border is the felted Sanctuary surrounding wedge-shaped windows of Sparky and Silken Straw. I love the generous size of this wrap, and the alternating Silken Straw and Sparky adds even more depth and texture. For knitting this wrap, you need 4 skeins of Sanctuary, 1 skein of Silken Straw, and 1 skein of Sparky

     If you like that Nautilus Wrap, but don't feel like undertaking that large of a project, the Nautilina Spiral Scarf has the same basic shape and look, only it is smaller and is not a shibori felting project. This sweet spiral scarf uses only 2 skeins of yarn- 1 of Lust and 1 of Sparky. Of course, if the flashy Sparky isn't your style, feel free to use the Silken Straw instead. Lust is a fingering weight wool and silk blend, which makes this scarf very lightweight but still warm. 

     The Alchemy Infinity Cowl is my personal favorite from this new collection, and it just so happens that it was designed by one of our (very talented and wonderful) local knitters! This cowl is completely reversible, and uses subtle short rows to make the wavy organic stripes. The cowl has a nice long length, so you can wear it loose or doubled up around your neck. This design uses 3 skeins of yarn: 1 Lust, and 2 skeins of Silken Straw in different colorways. 

     Finally- the Koz*Mo*Bius Cowl is the last garment in the collection, but it's been a popular one. It uses 2 skeins of Kozmos, 1 skein of each color you choose. Kozmos is a cotton, silk, mohair, and wool blend with a soft halo and a gorgeous uneven and slightly nubby texture. This cowl is nice and wide, but since it is so lightweight- it'd be great to wear during any season. The pattern is a simple drop stitch design knit into a mobius shape, which makes the cowl drape and hang beautifully. 

So, what do you think? I'm currently working on an Alchemy Waterfall Scarf, but I'm pretty much certain that I'm going to commit to making an Infinity Cowl or a Shizzle wrap ASAP. I know as soon as I go and start to seriously consider color combinations for myself, I'll fall in love. That's just how it goes with Alchemy Yarns.

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  • Lynne Gehm: October 16, 2015

    I was on a solo 17 day road trip from Portland Oregon, winding my way down the Coast in late September and stopped in Eureka to stretch my legs. Little did I know that I would find North Coast Knittery, jam pack- filled with inspirational patterns. But the moment I saw the Alchemy Infinity Cowl, I knew I had to knit my own. I am originally from the Bay Area, so discovering that Alechemy Yarn has its origins in Sebastopol was the icing on the cake. So pleased with my selections and look forward to knitting my own luscious infinity scarf using your pattern. This shop is wonderful. So glad I stopped and to remember you I snapped a photo!


    Lynne G.

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