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A Song for You

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    We just welcomed a new yarn from Classic Elite into the shop- called Song. It is so lovely! I'm a sucker for solid colors with soft matte textures, and that's exactly what Song is. I've been lusting after that Soft Red color, and ever since we unpacked the shipment box I have been brainstorming ideas of what I want to knit up with it.

     Song is a 50% wool & 50% cotton blend, which means it is the PERFECT yarn for knitting projects for our summer weather. It creates lightweight fabric that breathes, so it would never be sweltering hot wearing it on a sunny day (in our climate, at least). The wool gives it more bounce and softness than it would have with just the cotton, and the cotton gives it more durability and drape.... the best of both worlds. 

     With the new yarn, a new book of patterns also arrived. The book titled Sing is mostly full of versatile cardigans that would be great to have and wear year-round. The book also has an awesome scarf with what looks like a really fun stitch pattern to try out. 

   One of my favorite patterns out of the new book that uses the yarn Song is this adorable cardigan called Unforgettable. Feather & Fan is an easy and addictive stitch pattern, and it looks great used around the yoke and edges of the sweater! I think it adds an extra flair of femininity without it beginning to look too girly or cheesy. It's very wearable, and we definitely appreciate that. 


     The scarf is called the Let it Be scarf, and it uses 4 balls of Song. Don't you agree that that stitch pattern looks like a lot of fun?! (Call me a knitting nerd if you want- I have no shame in that!). Song is a great yarn for this scarf because the tight twist it has makes the stitch definition extra crisp. I love how those garter stitch ridges continue through the slanted eyelets and stockinette... it is just so unique!


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  • B.: July 11, 2015

    What I’s gauge on skein
    Needle size they recommend ?

    110 yds , 50 gm.

  • Virginia: July 10, 2015

    Hi Vera,
    The pattern book Sing is $16.95, and the yarn Song is $11.00/skein. There are links within the blog post to both of those items, but here they are again:
    Book: http://northcoastknittery.com/products/sing

    Enjoy!! :)

  • Vera: July 09, 2015

    I love love love the sweater and scarf. How much is the book and how much is a skein of wool costs. Thank you

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