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Inspired by Wildflowers

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     Do you remember this gorgeous design by Sasha Ball Rives? This one-skein project Among the Wildflowers was published as a free pattern on Ravelry just this past April. It was an instant hit. We are all drawn to the soft variegated colors of the Bella Lino, and the long harmonious stripes they create. The fringe, while completely optional, gives this kerchief a chic-bohemian style. Scarves and shawls are always popular for the summertime, but this in-the-round kerchief is a hands-free accessory that will suit your active lifestyle. Throw it on, and don't worry about a thing.

     Much like our favorite indulgent snacks- you can't stop after just one. This is the predicament that Laura found herself in. She knit up the Among the Wildflowers in the image above, and instantly felt inspired to make more out of other types of yarn and fiber. Laura writes:

"I was inspired by the simplicity and beauty of the pattern “Among The Wildflowers” by Sasha Ball Rives. My inspiration led me to knitting variations of the pattern using different yarns and adding in some different stitch elements."

     Other than endless enjoyment... You know what is fantastic about projects that you want to knit over and over? ....They are perfect for your holiday knitting list. Now let me explain- I don't necessarily want to be talking about the holiday season yet either. It's the middle of summertime! But the reason we don't want to talk about it is the exact same reason as to why we should be. The best way to avoid holiday stress is to take care of your gift list early, especially if you plan on handknitting all of your gifts! These kerchiefs are stylish, super affordable, wearable, AND fun to make. It's all win-win.

     Since yarn substitution can lead to some tricky math calculations, Laura wrote down the changes she made to the original pattern for the three other yarns she used. She knit a kerchief out of 2 skeins of Flora, one skein of MiniTempo, and one skein of Sparrow. Each have their own feel, vibe, and aesthetic. You can download the variations titled Inspired by Wildflowers for free through our shop. 

     For her first experiment, Laura grabbed some of the Flora. Flora is a cotton lace weight that works beautifully for this pattern. Since the kerchief is stockinette stitch, the touch of sequins in the Flora does not get overshadowed or hidden. That little hint of sparkle gives the design a classier, more sophisticated style. Laura also added beads to the long, full, tassels- which help add weight and texture. While all of the other variations are one-skein projects, a second skein of the Flora is needed to complete this pattern.

     MiniTempo is a sweet DK weight yarn, with a completely different look from the Flora. The bright colors and nubby texture of the MiniTempo makes the kerchief much more laid back and playful. I love how the fringe looks even fuller with this cotton blend. I can absolutely imagine putting this on and hitting the summertime festivals or having a relaxing day at the beach.

     When trying out the pattern with a skein of the dreamy linen yarn Sparrow, Laura did something a little different- and I think it worked wonderfully! Within the main stockinette section, she added in purl rows to create just a pinch more texture. Sparrow's stitch definition is so crisp, that even just the single purl rows stand out like magnificent mountains. My favorite thing about linen is how it gets softer and softer and softer every time you touch, wear, and wash it. When you first start working with Sparrow, it has a somewhat crunchy feel, but believe it or not- it will eventually become incredibly soft. You'll have no problem wearing it around your neck. The only (somewhat) unfortunate thing about Sparrow is that we can't offer to sell it to you online. However, we do have all of the colorways listed so you can see what is available and give us a call! We can let you know how many of each colorway we have in stock, and we can take your order over the phone. Just give us a call at (707)442-YARN, or shoot us an email at

     We hope you enjoy these variations of our current favorite small project. Knitters from all over have been picking up skeins to cast on one of these cute accessories. Travelers appreciate that it's a very portable project, and it knits up quickly so they can bind off and start wearing it while they are still on the road. Have you knit up an Among the Wildflowers pattern out of a different yarn? Do you have a small project that you like to travel with? Are you starting to think about holiday knitting yet? Please share with us in the comments below!

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