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Same Shop, New Look

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     Notice anything a little.... different? For the last few months we've been working hard on revamping our online store, and finally, here it is! You'll find that some things have not changed; such as our weekly blog posts, the same high quality materials, the variety of classes, and the team of people here to provide you with help or to answer any questions.

     There are, however, several new (and very exciting) things that you'll notice. Each of the changes we've made were aimed at improving your shopping experience by making things easier, smoother, and more enjoyable.

In this blog post, I want to give you a little tour of all the new features. Here is what I'll cover:

1. Log In & Log Out. Customer accounts are now optional. 
2. The Search Tool.
3. Navigating the Shop.
4. New Features When Viewing Products.
5. Online Gift Certificates.
6. Checking Out - Credit Cards and Paypal.
7. Not in the U.S.A? No problem!

     Everything is fairly self-explanatory, but if you get a little lost please feel free to contact us. Our goal is to have our website be easily accessible to everyone. So if you find yourself struggling, we want to know! 

     In addition to the 6 new features I'm going to show you, we also have some new pages for you to check out. Our Quarterly Newsletters can now be viewed directly from our website, we have a new About Us page, we have a new page about our beautiful home in Humboldt County, and there's a page with a full list of Our Services

    1. Log In & Log Out. Customer accounts are now optional!

    Instead of requiring you to make an account with us- it's totally optional! To log in or to create an account, click on the customer icon in the top right corner of the screen. From there you can either log in, or create a new account. If you don't want to create an account- just continue shopping and adding items to your cart as usual. However, there are benefits to making an account. Once you make an account you'll be able to view your order history, and you'll be able to redeem your birthday discount online. Please note that all accounts on our previous website are no longer valid.

    2. The Search Tool

    When you have a specific something you're looking for- just do a quick search. You'll see the search icon that looks like a magnifying lens on the top right of the screen. Once clicked, a search bar will open in a pop up window. When you do a search, the results you see will consist of everything in the shop that includes the phrase you typed. For example, if you were to search 'Classic Elite', you will see a list of all classic elite books, yarns, and even blog posts that reference Classic Elite. 


    3. Navigating the Shop

    When viewing the products in the shop, you'll see that you can now shop yarn not only by company, but also by color, weight, and fiber content. Please note that many yarns come in multiply color styles, for example, the yarn Vail is available in both undyed shades as well as hand painted variegated colorways. Also note that when searching by fiber, all yarns with that fiber (regardless if it is 5% or 100%) will show in the search results. To browse all of the yarns at once, simply click the 'All Yarn' link just above the 'Shop By Company' section of the sidebar.

    4. New Features When Viewing Products

    Perhaps the largest change to our site is how you view products. Product images are now large and crystal clear. On the right you'll see the colorway thumbnails, and when you select the colorway you want to add to your cart- specify your quantity and click 'add to cart'! Also new on this page, are the links to share the item on your social media pages, quick guides for gauge and yardage estimates, a link to FAQ, a quick link to ask us a question, as well as a spot to write & read reviews!

    5. Online Gift Certificates

    We're so happy we can finally sell and redeem gift certificates for our online shop! Gift Cards are purchasable like any other item in the shop- just select your amount and 'add to cart'! Once bought, you'll receive a personalized email with the amount and instructions on how to easily redeem it. You can find the gift certificates by following the "Gift Certificates" link in the shop's sidebar.

    6.Checking Out- Credit Cards and Paypal.

     We were once limited to a few certain cards types, but oh how we've grown! We can now gladly accept Discover, American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and even Paypal. 

    7. Not in the U.S.A? No Problem!

    Borders, oceans, times zones- none of them really matter anymore. We're now set up to be able to receive online orders from anywhere in the world. Although our special flat rate shipping costs only apply to orders being shipped within the states, we can now provide luxurious yarns, tools, and accessories to corners of the world we couldn't reach before. 



    That should be the bulk of it, but as I mentioned before- do not hesitate to contact us if you come across any confusion or trouble. Now it's time for you to look around, do some shopping, write some reviews, share this post (notice the facebook and twitter link just below this paragraph), or leave us a comment down below! 

    Happy Knitting!

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    • Amy Nichols: May 30, 2015

      Great, intuitive website! For us at a distance, who can visit the shop only occasionally, this is the next best thing to being there. Thanks!

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