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Project Inspiration: Colina

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     You know we have trunk shows coming in and out of the shop- constantly. Pretty much every week we have new sets of garments on display. In this week's trunk show, a scarf caught my attention! It's absolutely gorgeous, and it's knit with the ultra-soft Vail (or Villa) so I honestly feel like I want to put it on and never ever take it off. 

Colina is a lace scarf pattern that is available on its own as a download for $6. It uses 3 skeins of Vail or Villa- which is an affordable baby alpaca and bamboo blend that's one of the softest yarns you'll feel. Vail is $9 for the undyed, $18 for the hand dyed, and Villa is the same yarn in jewel tone colors for $11.50.

     I love the size of Colina, and since it's so lightweight it's great to wear wide to keep the sun off your shoulders, or you can scrunch it up and wear it around your neck for a more casual style. I like that a scarf of this size can be made with just 3 skeins. So unless you have your heart set on one of Vail's hand dyed colorways- this project keeps your yarn budget in the $27 - $34.50 range. Not bad!

     Experience knitting lace would be helpful for this project, but since the bulk of it is fairly simple stitch patterns- this would be an alright choice for someone who's newish to the lace knitting world. My recommendation? Use a lifeline and take notes of your rows, and you'll be fine! 

     Colina is worked in two identical halves, and then grafted together in the center using the kitchener stitch. I love how they incorporated the stockinette in the very middle, because that really helps simplify the grafting. It also gives the lace design a waterfall effect, starting with a leaf motif next to the stockinette and gradually transitioning to the more intricate patterns on the ends. 

So? Would you go for the Vail or the Villa? Let us know what you think and update us on your progress here, on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, or ello! We love to know what you're up to. 

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  • Virginia (NCK Marketing Assistant): June 06, 2016

    Hi Susan! This pattern is labeled as intermediate. Experience with knitting lace will be helpful, but really you just need to have experience following patterns and be prepared for techniques such as ssk, k2tog, sk2p, and wyif/wyib. The sample in the photos was knit with Vail in the Steel colorway- and we currently have 12 in stock. We are always available by email! You can use the Contact Us tab on the menu bar, or you can directly send one to

  • Susan : June 04, 2016

    Can you tell n
    Me what level knitter you need to be to knit this scarf, please. How difficult is it to follow the directions in the pattern? Are you availabebbybemail for questions once I would start the project?
    Please tell me the colors of the yarn.
    Thank you

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