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Project Inspiration: Ridgeline Kerchief

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     Crocheters rejoice! Numerous people have been requesting crochet patterns, especially when we were sharing the free Santorini Kerchief knitting pattern. Well, we were listening! We found another free kerchief pattern, only this time crochet, and Laura whipped it up using just one skein of our new organic cotton yarn Seedling

The Ridgeline Kerchief Pattern is free to download HERE. Seedling is only $8 - $9 a skein depending on your colorway! So this isn't just a super cute and quick project, but it's also super affordable. Plus you can get free shipping until 5/8/16 using the coupon code MOTHERSDAY2016. 

     Seedling comes in both solid and variegated hand painted colorways. Just by feeling it you can tell that it's a strong and durable yarn, but that organic cotton is so, so, soft and touchable. Seedling is a boucle, although not as boucle-y (just pretend that's a real word) as its sister yarn Sprout. The subtlety of the boucle in the Seedling results in a gorgeous texture in your knit, crochet, or even woven fabrics. It's a texture you almost don't even notice until you look closely. 

     One thing I should mention is that when you download the Ridgeline Kerchief pattern, you'll notice it suggests 2 skeins of a different yarn. We liked the Seedling because of a few reasons: the abundance of color options, the subtle boucle texture I mentioned, you only need 1 skein instead of 2, and it's organic! It's a heavier weight than what they suggest, but we used the same hook size as the pattern. Our Seedling kerchief's finished size is a few inches larger than the pattern's original finished dimensions. For more info on this, read the pattern's size and gauge details HERE

     Laura also took a few creative liberties while crocheting... During the single crochet section throughout the main area of the Ridgeline Kerchief, she was working through the backs of the stitches so that the ridges ended up much more prominent. Also, instead of working 2 rows of single crochet between the openwork bands in the front of the kerchief, she only worked 1. 

     Laura must have enjoyed it, because she's already crocheting more Ridgeline Kerchiefs using Cotton Classic, Lino, and Fortuna. Keep an eye on our facebook page for photos of them as she knocks them out!

Also, don't forget to share your own progress with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Ello! We love to see what you're working on. 

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