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Project Inspiration: Rolling Pebbles

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     By now you've probably figured out that we really, really, like our linens. It's a fiber that's a pleasure to work with, and even nicer to wear. It breathes easily, and isn't heavy, which is why it's one of our top choices for spring and summertime knits. I love how it transforms over time, becoming softer and more touchable with washing and wearing. I'm also comforted by the fact that, with the proper care (gentle cold washes and air drying), my linen knits will essentially last forever. The durability of plant fibers is incredible!

     Lino is a linen yarn, with some pretty unique characteristics. As I mentioned, linen is already a lightweight fiber- but Lino emphasizes that. The tape construction of Lino traps air inside the yarn, which allows Lino to stay light even with its heavy quick-knit gauge. Also, this yarn has a magnificent luster- which is far more typical of silks. Lino's colorways are all deep solid colors with a rich shine, and you feel like you could just dive into them.

     Laura just designed a cowl using the Lino, called Rolling Pebbles. Her inspiration came from admiring the pops of colors and textures that stand out among the naturally polished stones on the bottom of our streams and rivers... I think she nailed it! 

The Rolling Pebbles pattern is available to purchase HERE for $5, however, we will happily give you the pattern for FREE when you order the Lino. Simply add the yarn to your cart, and a popup will appear with your free pattern options. Just click 'add'!

     The cowl needs 3 balls of Lino, 2 in the main color and 1 in the accent color. The cowl is knit flat, and the majority of it is simply stockinette stitch. You use both colors in the Rolling Pebbles stitch section, however you only knit with one at a time so you don't have to worry about stranding. 

     The total circumference of the Rolling Pebbles cowl is 38", which I think is perfect for the season because it's nice and loose, and isn't too close around the neck. You do however have an option of adding length to the cowl by adding a stockinette block of the accent color just after working the Rolling Pebbles stitch section. You don't need to buy an extra skein, but adding this bit of length would likely be enough for you to wrap the cowl around your neck twice- which would give you a cozier fit. 

    When we were playing with color combinations, we found that our favorites were all neutral colors paired with a pop of color for the accent. Keeping that in mind is probably the easiest way to create a sophisticated combo that you can wear with practically anything. Laura chose to knit the sample with 2 balls of color #26, with 1 ball of color #20. A few other examples of fabulous pairings could be: the charcoal and lime green colors #18 and #16, the sand and burgundy colors #39 and #62, and the off white and navy colors #94 and #10.

What do you think? Is there a combination calling to you? Let us know! Don't forget to share your progress with us on facebook, instagram, twitter, ello, or pinterest!

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  • Virginia (NCK Marketing Assistant): May 10, 2016

    So glad it’s helpful Judy! You know where to find us when you figure out that budget. ;)

    Let us know if we can ever help with anything!

  • Judy Hayden: May 10, 2016

    Great cowl! I need to check my yarn budget before I buy, lol. NorthCoast Knittery is so good about arranging the yarn so that I can actually see the colors next to each other. That helps a LOT!

  • Virginia (NCK Marketing Assistant): May 09, 2016

    Susie, Which specific sand and turquoise colors did you mean? #39 would look great with a darker shade of turquoise- perhaps #78? :)

  • Susie: May 06, 2016

    Would the sand and turquoise look good together?

  • Kathy williams: April 29, 2016

    Beautiful! This may be my next project. Love NorthCoast Knittery.

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